Grange Tower Bridge Hotel, London
4 October 2018



Allocate is proud to be supporting the Nursing Times Workforce Summit, highlighting important discussions and showcasing innovation in workforce planning and management that will contribute to sustaining a workforce fit for the future.
Today our customers are making productivity savings by focusing on the elimination of unwarranted variation through good e-Rostering, while at the same time guarding safety and engaging staff by offering them greater visibility, fairness and control, and ensuring the quality of services and protecting patient safety.
In our session, we will be demonstrating how technology can be used for good, exploring:
Using technology for great staff experience whether that is foresight, control, flexibility or engaging apps with high utility 
Enabling staff to work across organisational boarders
Using technology to protect against safety issues in a world with gaps
Hear from others how they are utilising technology to support flexibility, choice and organisational sustainability
Visit or call us on +44 (0)20 7355 5555 to find out more.

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