The Nursing Times Workforce Awards 

The Nursing Times Workforce Awards recognise and reward the excellent work that is being done by you and your employer to support the nursing and midwifery workforce. Co-located with our Nursing Times Workforce Summit, this event inspires and rewards organisations for excellence in supporting the future of the health and care workforce.

Ensuring a sustainable workforce fit for the future is the responsibility of all nurse leaders, making this event the best opportunity to position your organisation as an excellent place to work.

Winning a Nursing Times Workforce Award not only provides you and your team with the recognition you deserve at a gala evening celebrating your achievements, but also a host of other benefits that you might not realise:

What can winning a Nursing Times Workforce Award do for you and your team?

  • Be part of an elite crowd of award winners: join the Nursing Times Workforce Award winners’ club, we don’t give out awards to just anyone!
  • Make a name for you and your organisation: gain recognition for your innovative approach to recruitment and workforce management
  • Share best practice and help improve the profession: help to improve the image of nursing and midwifery and attract more people into the profession
  • Recognise your potential: everyone needs validation at times and what better way to confirm that you and your team are doing an excellent job
  • Network with high-level nurses: meet some of the most important figures in the nursing community and get recognised for your work

See what our 2022 award winners had to say:


Hopefully you'll find an answer to your question below. If not, please contact Joshua Griggs  on 020 3953 2633 or email

To view the criteria, create your account, or login with your email and password used to create your account if you have already done so. Select ‘Enter Now’ against the category you wish to view where the criteria will be displayed. If you wish to start your entry at this point any information you add will be autosaved and you can login to complete the rest of the entry at any time.

Enter the email address and password that you used when you first started your entry on the log in page, you will then be taken through to your dashboard and will be able to continue your entry.

You can enter another category by selecting the category you wish to enter from the ‘Categories’ section.

Please contact Joshua Griggs  on 020 3953 2633 or email

Hints and tips

Our panel of judges have provided some tips to help you when submitting your entry. Please take note of the information below


Your entry:

  • Stick to the word limits
  • Don’t repeat yourself
  • Be specific
  • Keep it simple and put the facts…don’t fill with things you don’t need. Bullets points can help provide the clear points
  • Tell a story, use the summary box to do this. It’s a great way to introduce your entry to the judges
  • If you’re re-submitting your initiative, ensure your entry highlights developments since the previous year. The judges will want to see growth
  • Use up-to-date evidence
  • Answer the questions asked, don’t go off topic
  • Work with communication teams within your trust to help write the application
  • Remember there is no right or wrong answer



Always back up your entry with relevant evidence, examples of some evidence judges want to see are below:

  • Feedback - patient/ staff
  • Posters
  • Audits
  • Quality of life scores
  • Documents
  • Pictures
  • Data
  • Patient stories
  • Try to condense you pieces of evidence into five documents.


Top tip:

Why not read more about the 2022 finalists, click here to take a look.